Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've also been continuing my work at Ashcan Studio of Art teaching and directing the studio.  Here are some links to some of the amazing student work coming out of the studio:
by Ashley, age 6, included in Kids Draw the News, NY Times

by Jinsoo Chun, included in Arts@Renaissance Gallery exhibition 2011

Between January & April 2012, I participated in The Billboard Art Project's Sight & Sound Invitational Residency to create a new project with artist Leah Rico  The residency was a creativity fueled retreat where ideas were born.  My final work with Leah is titled Patterns of (missed)Communication.  It was on view over I-195 on weekends in April with the sound portion (by Leah Rico) broadcast over the radio on 105.1 FM.  This entire experience and project was mind opening.  I am so grateful to have met and worked with such a wonderful group of artists.  Here are a couple of images; you can see them all on the Flickr link below.

It's 2012 - so it's been a while. My current show A Few Little Follies, with artists Matt Brett & Lala Rascic, at The Highpoint Gallery in Richmond, VA, will have a closing reception this Friday, May 18th from 6 -9 pm. It was such a great experience to show show with Matt & Lala. Their work is really exceptional and it is an honor to have been included with them!
(all images in this post photographed by Terry Brown)

All images show drawings by Monica Carrier; this image includes sculptures by Matt Brett