Middle School Art Projects

Modigliani Portraits: 5th - 8th Grade

 Life Drawing in Pen with Collage Elements: 5th - 7th Grade

 Life Size Charcoal Self-Portraits: 6th - 9th Grade

 Clay & Toothpick Sculptures translated to Drawings & Paintings (students first made free formed sculptures and then used for observational drawing and painting; then paintings evolved beyond observation): 5th - 6th Grade

 Foreground/Middle Ground/Background Studies : 5th - 6th Grade
 Inkblot Paintings: 5th - 6th Grade

 Painting Combining 2 Famous Works of Art: 5th - 6th Grade
 Puzzle/Tape Paintings (students painted using tape resist and then rearranged pieces): 5th - 6th Grade
 Texture Paintings (fabric and acrylic): 5th - 6th Grade